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Forum Rules

The Discussion Board Rules
Updated on April 14, 2015
The following rules are in addition to the rules users first accepted when joining the forum boards. Please read these rules carefully before posting on these boards.
Thank you!

Board Jurisdiction
The discussion boards (herein referred to as the "forum" or "board" or "forum board") is under the jurisdiction of the Site Administrator (as of November 2014, that's You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login).

The Site Administrator can appoint forum moderators to perform duties relevant to forums such as enforcing the forum rules and other forum maintenance duties.

The Site Administrator can dismiss a forum moderator should the forum moderator abuse or neglect their duties.

Before you post:

Before posting, please ask yourself the following question: ?Am I making a post which is either funny, informative, or interesting on any level?? If you can answer ?yes? to this, then please post. If you cannot, then refrain from posting.

Before you reply:
Before replying, please ask yourself the following question: ?Does my reply offer any significant advice or help contribute to the conversation in any fashion?? If you can answer ?yes? to this, then please reply. If you cannot, then refrain from replying.

Double Posting

You are not allowed to post two posts one right after the other in a thread, unless 12 hours has passed between posts. If you post a comment, then see farther down something you also want to comment to, select modify under the comment you just made, and copy and paste the part you want to comment to on the second entry, in to your first post, and comment to it there.

Thread Bumping

Don't do it. You can post updates but don't go in to your thread and post bump, or just post useless information so your thread is at the top of the list. The "Power Engineers For Hire" boards are somewhat exempt from this rule; see the sticky post in that section.

Relevant forums:
Posts are to be posted in their relevant forums. Users are requested to read the forum descriptions before making a post in the forums. The posts that do not fit in a forum will be moved to the appropriate forum, and repeated postings in the wrong forum by a user may result in the suspension of that user.

Respect to others:
Users are requested to post in a respectful manner that does not offend other users. Usage of expletives, racial slurs, or any other socially unacceptable language is not allowed. Pornographic material, material that is sexually inappropriate, or material that is offending to others is also not allowed. Posting expletives using LEET (which violates the proper english rule) or using symbols is also not allowed, and will get you warned the same as typing the word out completely.

Legal stuff:
Partaking in illegal activities is forbidden. Discussion about the digital trading of Safety Authority exam questions (from all provinces), copyrighted PanGlobal material, copyrighted books or any copyrighted digital medium is unacceptable. Providing or requesting links or information to the illegal downloading or illegal acquisition of copyrighted works is not allowed. If the material is illegal under the Criminal Code of Canada or is deemed totally unacceptable to the norms of society, you will be permanently banned from these forums.

Companies and individuals may post a single thread regarding their business and services in the appropriate forum (as of November, 2014, this section has yet to be made). Any more posts will be considered Spam and will be dealt by the board moderators as seen fit.

Official languages:
English is the language of the message and nothing but. There are to be no posts made that are strictly in a certain language, and if you must post something in a language other than English, an accurate translation must be provided. However, this rule may be enforced on a case-by-case basis, so the exceptions may or may not apply.

Proper English:

Members are requested to write in what is considered ?normal writing.? Usage of all capitals in postings or topics is considered shouting, and subsequent posts may be removed or edited. Poor grammar and ill-regard for correct English will result in a warning, and if you do not clean up your further posts afterward, you?ll lose posting privileges for one week.

Dealing with staff:

Moderators and administrators reserve the right to edit, remove, or close a post at any given time, and without any given warning. The decision of what is right and wrong is up to the moderator in question. Harassment of the moderators or administrators in any fashion will result in an immediate one-week ban from the forums.

Limitation of accounts:

Users are not to have multiple accounts or attempt to circumvent features or limitations on the forums. If you're aware of an account that you're no longer using or have password problems you cannot solve, contact a forum moderator to correct this.

Images and avatars:
Any avatar or signature must not be larger than <60 KB> in size and must not be anything other than a JPEG, PNG, or GIF. Avatars are not to be larger than 120 pixels wide and 120 pixels tall, and this rule is automatically enforced. As well, you are only permitted to have one image in your signature, and that image must be no larger than 500 pixels wide and 200 pixels tall. Please also note that you must have a reasonably-sized image if you?re going to post it in a message. Any such image will be removed and a warning will be issued.

Meet-ups and exclusions:
Forum members are welcome to have events organized on the forums?however, they must not exclude a group. If you wish to run an event and exclude certain people from the forums, take the event off of the forums, as it is not welcome here as it is not welcoming to others. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, as there are certain exceptions such as those of opposing sexes and private venues. It is encouraged that everyone be welcome, but please refer to the specific post in the meet-ups forum.

Relationship with other sites:
Regardless of what another website has done, we?re not to be involved. Invading another forum or harassing someone in relation to our organization is not to be done, and doing so will result in an immediate permanent ban.

Personal information:
Unless it is your personal information (email/IM), do not post someone?s contact information or anything that is considered ?personal.? Do not post your personal phone numbers or addresses here. That is for your safety, since anyone can view these forums. If you need to do so, pass them to people in private messages (PM) or through another means.


Suspensions and warnings are given out when rules are broken. Not all infractions of the rules will result in being banned, as some may result in an e-mail or private message warning from the moderator depending on the circumstances. However, if the administrator chooses to ban a user or skip to a different warning level, he or she may do so. The warnings range from three to thirty-one day suspensions, depending on the amount of warnings.

In certain cases, we may disable your ability to post, but you will still be able to view topics. This is only done if the infraction is minor, but we wish for you to take a time out. Other alternatives include ?Social Probation,? which is used in the event of a person partaking in a dispute on the Meet-ups forum. This is done so the person can still be a member of the forums, but it is so the person can cool down and eventually prove that they can come back into that forum. This may apply to other forums where this individual may be a problem.

Warnings and bans are as such:

First Warning: No ban.
Second Warning: 3-day ban.
Third Warning: 1-week ban.
Fourth Warning: 31-day ban.

Any warning beyond the fourth may result in a permanent removal from the forums. Consider reading these rules as warning zero.

If the rule is a blatant disregard for common sense, you may end up with a ban of any length of time.

If you feel the need to dispute a decision:
If you feel that you have been unfairly warned and feel it necessary to dispute it, contact JasonR, the Site Administrator. Arguing with a moderator or administrator may result in a further suspension at the moderator?s or administrator?s discretion.

Circumventing a decision:
Suspended and banned users are not to create new accounts to circumvent an existing suspension or ban. If you have been suspended or banned, you are not to be on these forums, period. Doing so may result in the removal of that account and the subsequent extension of the suspension or ban of your existing account.

These warnings and lengths are just a guide:
A ban may be made in a different length depending on the situation. These are considered minimums.

Permanent bannings:

Permanent bans are considered as a last option and are only given out when deemed necessary by the Site Administrator. Permanent bans may be lifted from time to time, but only in certain circumstances will they be lifted.

Rules can change at any time:
These rules are subject to change at any given time. Any change in the rules will supersede any existing or previous ones.

Enforcement of rules:

All rule infractions should be reported to the moderators. Please use the report button and not point out the person publicly so to not aggravate the situation. Doing so may result in a warning.

Rules are applicable to all:

Nobody is above these rules. These rules apply to the every forum members and the forum moderators.

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